Fun Facts--Icelandic Horse

Icelandic horses come from Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice (volcanoes and glaciers).

· Icelandic horses originally came to Iceland on Viking ships.
· Icelandics can perform two more gaits—tolt and flying pace—than a Quarter horse.
Odin riding Sleipnir--Wikipedia
· In Norse mythology, the god Odin rides the 8-legged horse Sleipnir.
· Icelandic horses were given as gifts to the Danish king.
· Icelandic horses have been fed herring (fish).
  • Icelandic horses are known as the Bridges of Iceland, since people could not drive completely around Iceland the 1960s due to lack of suitable roads--people rode horses to visit the more inaccessible parts of Iceland.
· Some Icelandics have cannon (leg) bones as thick as some Clydesdales (draft horses).

· Icelandic horses are related to the Mongolian pony.
· If an Icelandic horse leaves Iceland, it can never return.
The Icelandic horse has a longer intestine than other breeds of horses enabling it to get more nutrition out of poor grass.
  • Icelandic horses were buried with important Viking chieftains.
· The Icelandic mare Tulle lived to be 57 years old in Denmark.
· The dwarfs in the 2012 movie The Hobbit ride Icelandic horses.
· Some Icelandic horses can change colors by season—for example be a chestnut in winter and summer and be a white body with chestnut mane, tail, and legs in spring and fall.

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