Friday, August 18, 2017

Mittens the Cat Who Wanted to Learn How to Ride in Equus

The 2017 September edition of Equus Magazine published my article "Sitting Pretty" about my Icelandic horse Blessi and Mitttens, the cat who wanted to learn how to ride.  Here's a quote from my

"Mittens seemed to enjoy her lead line rides on Blessi around the stable grounds.  From her lofty perch, she was out of reach of the barn dogs, who were polite but tended to crowd cats on the ground.  No self-respecting cat enjoys the constant butt sniffing involved in canine socialization."

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Icelandic horse and Interpretive Dance

What could be better than an Icelandic horse participating in an interpretive dance?   Note the rider is using a neckring and riding bareback.   Here is a translation from the Danish:
"Join us on a journey
Into the border between the divided and united,
Nature and culture, vulnerability and power.
This is the free land of motion,
Where body, sound and life meet, divide and show way.
Notice the chaos and individuality that makes
That harmony and cohesion can exist

Improvised multi-performance, inspired by the song
"If I disappear" by Freja Møller Kristiansen

Dance: Katja Døi Jensen and Mikael Hedegaard
Riding: Katrine Buur and Idunn fra Midgaard"

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Icelandic crossed with warmblood

 Previous, I had displayed a video of an Icelandic X Warmblood cross named Tilly that really could jump.  Tilly was only about 13.3 hands.  That video was taken down so I have found another video to replace it.  Again, I am not promoting the crossing of Icelandics with other breeds.  The above video shows an Icelandic X Warmblood cross named Penny who has just started jumping.  She is much rangier but is still gaited.