Monday, March 31, 2014

Blessi and his camel hair coat

I bet you were thinking that this post would be about the thick winter coat of an Icelandic horse.  Sorry to disappoint you but today's post is about Blessi's new cooler.  I made it from camel hair wool found at Goodwill for about $1 a yard. 

I didn't have quite enough of the camel hair so I used some burgundy melton wool which gives the coat a kind of a harlequin effect.  How do you like the bellywarmer?

The pattern is from  I used tailor's chalk to make sure the curve of the back and the darts were custom fitted to Blessi.  And the embroidery was done by Monograms By Coleta of Silverdale, WA.  She did a fantastic job!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blessi and Shannon A Musical Freestyle with an Icelandic

Shannon Lockwood and Blessi performed a musical free style at the Northwest Horse Expo.  They demoed some lower level dressage movements such as shoulder in, shoulder out, walk pirouette, leg yields in a zig zag, etc.  Blessi is "volunteering" some tolt--after all he is part of the Icelandic horse demo.

PS The glitzy "headband" is a $3 belt from Goodwill that I tied to the browband.