Icelandic Horse Books

Many thanks to MegFindhorse and Christine Schwartz who started this list!  If I have read or used the book, I have flagged the book as recommended.  Other books that are listed may be useful also, I just have not read them yet.

Icelandic Horse
  • The Icelandic Horse, Bjőrnsson, G., & Sveinsson, H., (2006)  Highly recommended
  • A Good Horse Has No Color by Nancy Marie Brown (2001)  Recommeded.
  •  Surviving the Winter by Caroline Kerstin Mende (2016) 60 pages.
  • Old Breeding Lines by Caroline Kerstin Mende (2016)--soon to be translated into English.
  • Icelandics Horses the story of a dream - Ewald isenbuegel - how FEIF was started - 1986, half English, half German, 90 pages
  • New Age Vikings, The Icelandic Horse. Volume One by Elisabeth Haug (2007), by Gísli B. Björnsson and Hjalti Jón Sveinsson (2008) Recommeded
  • Culhane, Alys (2012-11-21). Raudi’s Story: An Alaskan-Born Icelandic Mare’s First Five Years of Life (Kindle Locations 6-12). Red Horse Press. Kindle Edition.  Recommended
  • Sleipnir's Story, by Christine Schwartz   Recommended
How to Ride/Train the Icelandic Horse

  • Dream Team: Riding in Harmony Schooling of the Icelandic Horse by Anke Schworer Haag & Thomas Haag (1991)
  • Joy of Icelandics, By Christine Schwartz (1992)  Recommeded
  • More Joy of Icelandics, by Christine Schwartz (republished 2008) Recommeded
  • Understand Your Icelandic Horse,  Rikke Schultze, (Danish translated into English).
Icelandic Horse Breeding Standards
  • Agricultural Society of Iceland.  (1992).  Studhorse Judging and Studshows.  Steindórsprent-Gutenberg, Búnatharfélag Islands.
  • Antonsson, G., Siiger Hansen, J., Grimm, M. eds. (2011) FEIF Rules for Icelandic Horse Breeding FEIF International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations.  Found on September 23, 2011 at
  • Jonsson, M.  (1988).  Judging Icelandic Breeding Horses.  Agricultural Society of Iceland, Búnatharfélag Islands.
Gaited Horses:
  • Easy Gaited Horses, by Lee Zeigler, (2005)  Recommended
  • The Gaited Horse Bible: Training & Riding Naturally Gaited Horses, by Brenda Imus (2005) Recommeded
Equine Fitness/Exercises:
  • Equine Fitness: A Program of Exercises and Routines for Your Horse, by Jec Aristotle Ballou
Connected/Centered Riding/TTeam Training
Children's Books

  • Runaway Pony by Krista Ruepp Illustrated by Ulrike Heyne
  • Winter Pony by Krista Ruepp.  Illustrated by Ulrike Heyne
  • Elska, Horse Diaries  Illustrated by Ruth Sanderson  Nice illustrations of Norse age attire although some of tack illustrations may not be period--not sure about  s-shaped safety stirrups
  • Ariel's Journey by Doug Kane and Christy Wood
  • Princessa's Mission by Doug Kane and Christy Wood

Articles on the Icelandic Horse

Books in German (comments by Christine Schwartz)
  • Das Islandpferd - Anke Schwoerer Haag - 1998 - history and what we love about the breed lots of good pictures 120 pages
  • Gaedingar,  Anke Schwoere and Thomas Haag - Riding instruction - 1991- very good book on flow and softness in training  120 pages, with drawings
  • Gangpferde - Articles from Freizeit im Sattel - 210 pages all gaited horses
  • Gymnastizierung von Gangpferden, by Andrea Stührenberg and Kaja Jänisch (2004) 
  • Heissgeliebte Islandpferde  and Reiter Traeume - Ursula Bruns 1973  story and personal cases of Icelandics
  • Islandpferde auf dem Kontinent - Icelandic articles from Freizeit im Sattel 450 pages 1958 - 1984. Very cool history of Icelandics in Germany and how they got their start over there.
  • Islandpferde rassengerecht halten, reiten, zuechten , Henning Struve 2000 - 172 pages, how to book, lots of pictures
  • Islandpferde Reitlehre: Leitfaden fur Haltung, Ausbildung und Reiten von Islandpferden und anderen by Andrea-Katharina Rostock and Walter Feldman (1985)--known as the Blue Bible-- how to instruction 600 pages, no photos, lots of drawings
  • Reiten auf Islandpferden, Anke Schwoerer und Thomas Haag - 2000 - 130 pages, how to - VERY GOOD book - lots of pictures and good information.
  • Reynirs Islandpferde - Reitschule, by Reynir Adalsteinsson & Gabriel Hampel (2006)
  • Sorli Ulfur Fridriksson - Icelandic Horse sagas - 420 pages- 1991
    Wind in der Maehne - Angleika Schmelzer - 1999 65 pages, colour pictures, breed profile
  • Below are my additions to Christine's list:
  • Winter überleben by  Caroline Kerstin Mende (2016) 60 pages.
  • Wichtige Pferde  by  Caroline Kerstin Mende (2015)