Thursday, February 6, 2014

What if Icelandic Horses Were in Cavalia

I always wanted to know how Icelandics could be incorporated into a large scale equestrian production like Cavalia.  Here is one possibility--put a herd of Icelandics in front of simulated volcanic activity and see what happens.  Unsurprisingly, most of the horses are so comfortable that they just roll in the lovely dirt in front of thousands of people and the video screen.  It takes an Icelandic sheepdog to move them around the stage.

I wonder how Iceland feels about the implication of riders drinking and riding?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Manola Mendez --Working with the Horse's Mind

Manolo Mendez, formerly the head rider of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, in Spain, does clinics around the globe now.  Blessi and I participated in one of his clinics.  It was amazing to see Manolo work with all types of horses and riders.  His in-hand work is especially impressive.  In this video, he talks about working with horse only when the horse's mind is engaged.  You can read more about his training methods at his web site:

One of these days, I have to get permission to post the video of Manolo's in-hand session with Blessi, Manolo's first encounter with an Icelandic horse.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blessi Meets Katrina the Baby

While visiting the stable with a friend, Nikki brought her 9-month old baby Katrina to meet Blessi.  Katrina had never encountered a horse before; we think she considered Blessi a really big dog. 

Blessi was fascinated by Katrina.  He wanted to remove her hat and see how much "mane" she had, remove her shoes to check out the condition of her baby "hooves," and he tried in oh so gentle a manner to remove the support sling so the baby could run free.  Once or twice Katrina fussed and as Nikki her Mom said, Blessi gave her such a look like she need to do something to take better care of her baby.  ;-)

Katrina is wonderfully engaging.  She is definitely a cowgirl in the making.