Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blessi is the Maru of the Horse World

One of the most famous personages in Japan is a cat named Maru.  Maru is a male Scottish fold with his own unique perspective on the world.  Maru does so many things that you have never seen a cat do before. 
And Maru's owner has lovingly documented Maru's antics on Youtube in a very Zen like manner.  As you watch the video below, you can make many comparisons between Maru and Blessi.  They both:
  • are round and furry
  • are a little bit bumbling
  • originate from a different country--Scotland vs. Iceland
  • are a bit lazy
  • can be very mischievous
  • display white socks and blaze
  • act spoiled sometimes (and are spoiled by their owners)
  • are very jocular (make you laugh)
  • are a little fat
  • are very playful
  • love boxes or buckets
  • do very unusal behaviors for their species
 Check out the video below and give me your opinions about Blessi and Maru.


MegF said...

This is a really great blog. I'd agree with anyone who has said that Blessi would make a great children's book. I'm positive that someone has already said this somewhere. :-)

Blessiowner said...

Thanks for the compliment Meg. Blessi provides an endless source of material. Plus I thought it would be interesting to write a blog that celebrates the Icelandic horse. Please keep checking in and let me know what you think. Pamela