Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flach Equus Project--Icelandic Horse

Tim Flach has traveled around the world to photograph horses in some of the most exotic settings in the world to work on his Equus project.  Take a look at this photo of Icelandic horses running through an Icelandic lagoon (I can't show you the photo itself because of copyright but it is well worth it to click on the link.

And here is a short video explaining how Tim Flack set up that shot.


Alison said...

Thank you for a wonderful blog. You have some great stuff in here.

I am an Isi-owner in Switzerland and have 2 Icelandics; an elderly gelding chestnut/white pinto and a younger black/white pinto mare. Both are great fun. Icelandics are just the best horses anyone could have.

Blessiowner said...

Hello Alison, I am sorry that I am late reply. Personal stuff kept me away from the blog. But thanks so much for the complement about the blog. I am glad that you enjoy it. Why do you like Iceys so much? Can you share some stories about your Icelandics?