Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blessi Meets Katrina the Baby

While visiting the stable with a friend, Nikki brought her 9-month old baby Katrina to meet Blessi.  Katrina had never encountered a horse before; we think she considered Blessi a really big dog. 

Blessi was fascinated by Katrina.  He wanted to remove her hat and see how much "mane" she had, remove her shoes to check out the condition of her baby "hooves," and he tried in oh so gentle a manner to remove the support sling so the baby could run free.  Once or twice Katrina fussed and as Nikki her Mom said, Blessi gave her such a look like she need to do something to take better care of her baby.  ;-)

Katrina is wonderfully engaging.  She is definitely a cowgirl in the making.

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