Sunday, September 14, 2014

MCOA or hereditary eye defect in Silver Dapples

What does a cave painting have to do with
eye defects?  Follow the link to the page above
and find out.  Photo source: Wikipedia
What do you know about MCOA (or ADL) an eye disease associated with the silver dapple color.  I added a new page above that describes:

- how the disease affects the equine eye
- how age impacts equine vision
- as high as 50% occurrence in Kentucky mountain and Rocky Mountain horses due to colors of foundation stallions
- since silver dapple gene has a dilution effect how this impacts disease for silver blacks, silver bays, etc.
- silver dapple gene does not impact chestnut color but disease does
- suggestions when considering buying a silver dapple

In conclusion,  you might want to have the vet pay special attention to the eye during a pre-purchase exam but otherwise certainly keep the silver dapple color in mind as a possibility.

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