Friday, May 27, 2016

Blessi and the Demented Hen

This is not the demented hen.  This is the rooster
of the flock to which the demented hen belongs.
Oh, and there was the demented hen.   As I was longeing Blessi, the old hen with crazed behavior came into the arena and started winding in and out of Blessi's longe circle--clucking and squawking in random directions and various speeds.

Blessi ignored her even though she was almost going through his legs.   After a minute, I realized that she was not going to leave the arena and there was a real possibility that Blessi was going to have to make a choice as to whether he was going to step on the chicken or veer out of the circle. 

Since I didn't want to explain to the barn owner why there was a pancake chicken in his arena, I tried to modify my longeing circle but got flustered tracking random chicken movements and got the longe line between Blessi's front legs as he was circling.  This was even more dangerous since the hen was still fluttering in random directions and Blessi still had the rope between his legs.  So I dropped the rope and got Blessi to stop.  Then I chased the *%#%@  chicken out of the arena.  Got to give Blessi lots of credit.  He really expected a treat as I untacked him.

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