Saturday, February 21, 2015

Elska--Horse Diaries Book Review

My niece MacKenzie can read simple books on her own so I am looking for  books about Icelandic horses that she might enjoy.  Of course I want to inoculate her with the Icelandic horse bug as soon as possible.

Amma is a girl who lives in Iceland around 1000 AD.  She has a special relationship with Elska, a silver dapple filly born on her family's farm.  As Elska develops into quite a fast pace racer, the story revolves around if Amma how can keep this talented horse when racers are valued gifts to local powerful men.

This is a cute story.  I loved the illustrations of Icelandics and people attired in historic Norse garb.  I was amused that the riders were depicted in s-shaped safety stirrups--pretty sure that this is not period.

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