Monday, August 3, 2015

Designing a booth for Icelandic horse shows

Hestafolk, the Icelandic Horse Club located in the Bellingham WA area was planning on attending the local farm show this summer.  Our plans proved to be a bit premature but we started designing what the booth will look like---imagine the horses in stall areas made to look like a Viking long ship.

We can even call the ship "Sea Stallion."  A very famous Viking ship was the Havhingsten or Sea Stallion.  "Sea Stallion" was often used as a kenning or metaphor in Norse poems for ship.  Just as "whale road" was a kenning for the sea or "Viking moon" for a shield.  Beowulf the poem mentions a "foamy throated sea stallion."  Isn't that a great metaphor for a ship flying through the waves.

The booth ship will have a prow, a sail, a shield for each horse stall painted with Norse designs, and gripping beasts on the hangings above the stall.   Lisa found wood patterned material for the sides of the stalls.

Folk are all making stuff to help out.  I sewed the "sail" and have drapery with gripping beasts that I use for SCA events on my pavillion tent.  This will so cute!
Half the sail shown under the gripping beast drapes.
 Wasu the cat had to be in the picture.

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