Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blessi Has an Easter Carrot Hunt

I hid carrots and cookies under a drum, saddle pad, 2 fly masks, 6 Easter napkins, bucket, salt block holder, and my straw hat in Blessi's paddock.  Blessi found them all in less than 30 minutes.  As you can see by the highlights on this video, he moved from one "egg" to another in a seemingly planned search pattern.  I swear this horse is part Labrador retriever.   He seemed to immediately recognize that anything new in his paddock would conceal a carrot (or a small quarter size peanut butter cookie).  Blessi was in an absolutely blissful mood for the rest of my visit.  Happy belated Easter to everybody!
Sorry the audio on this production is a bit out of sync with the video.

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