Monday, October 15, 2012

Mounted Archery--If Monty Python tried it

It has been awhile since I posted--but never fear.  Blessi and I spent the summer having adventures so we have lots of new material.  My friend Deb rode Blessi and tried the sport of mounted archery for
the first time. Since this is all new, we are using a toy bow and the arrows have suction cups on the ends.

Blessi had us in stitches. After this ride, another rider, not Deb, dropped the
reins to take her shot. She missed the target entirely. For the second time, Blessi independently
walked her over to the target and put his nose in the hole of the target--as if to say: "Look lady, the arrow goes right there! How hard can it be when I can get my nose in there."

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