Monday, October 22, 2012

Why is there an arrow through my pants

Ok, I am not the most coordinated person on the planet.  So in preparation for the mounted archery clinic, I decided to take a few archery lessons at the local gun club.  Well I managed to put an arrow through my pants. 

How did this happen?  After everybody finishes shooting their arrows at the target, the range master calls a cease fire and those of us who missed the target have the opportunity to gather up the arrows.  Well I was practicing some long distance shooting so I had a rather large area to search.  As I turned around to look for my last missing arrow, I managed to turn into my last, lost arrow stuck in ground and get the fletched side of the arrow stuck through my pants.

The Bad Cowgirls and I have been trying out some medieval games.  The score so far:

  • Lora shot her horse Hollyanna in the nose with the toy arrow going backwards Score = 1 (personally I think this should count as 2 since the arrow went backwards so it is worth more)
  • Pam got a spear caught between Blessi's legs Score = 1 (although this should probably count as 3 since the spear has a sharp pointed blade on the end)
  • Deb shot Blessi with the toy arrow at least two times Score = 2
  • Gretchen hasn't tried either spear throwing or mounted archery.  Score = 0   Good job Gretchen!

I highly suggest that we get some archery lessons before we try this with a real bow and arrow.

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