Friday, July 5, 2013

Journey's End--Not the Star Trek Version

Journey's End is a 6-part documentary that examines the Icelandic Sagas in the
context of archeological evidence to determine if there is a historical basis
for the events described.

Per the promo site: "In Journey`s End, events from the Icelandic sagas are
explored and put into context with antiquities that are either in the nature or
in museums. To give insight into the past, the history of our ancestors will be
scrutinized as well as the Icelandic nature and folktales.

A narrator will walk through some of the areas of historical significance,
introduce the assignment of each episode and talk to various people, e.g.
scholars and local residents. Following that, history will be discussed in the
light of these previous conversations."


Here is video with from scenes from the documentary--there are Icelandic horses.

So far, I have only found the release dates for Iceland.

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