Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Register an Icelandic Horse

There are many reasons to register your Icelandic horse with the United States Icelandic Horse Congress.  The registration paper shows proof of ownership.  You can trace individual horses through WorldFengur, the global Icelandic horse registry.   Since DNA is required from registered parents, you can prove that your horse is a purebred Icelandic.  A registered horse tends to sell for more money than a grade horse.  And if you breed, registration adds value to the offspring.  But the most important reason is that a registered horse has a better chance in life—more likely to be rescued from a feedlot, more likely to find a responsible home.  If the horse unfortunately goes to auction or kill buyer and the papers go with the horse, your name is on the paperwork so that somebody can contact you about a rescue.

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Tanya Rogers said...

I am intrigued how similar Newfoundland Ponies are to Icelandic Horses. Has any genetic comparisons been done between the two breeds that you are aware of? If someone were to send a sample of a Newfoundland Pony's DNA could you test it against the criteria of the Icelandic Horse?