Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Blessi and the Exercise Leggings

Photo by Dallas Webb
Blessi developed a foot abscess several years ago.  Here is what we rigged up to help Blessi. I sacrificed one of my exercise leggings from the 80s to prevent the protective boot from rubbing. We put the boot on Blessi and duct tapped the top of the boot to prevent the tie from coming loose. 

I gave Blessi a bath and took him into the arena (without the boot).  When I turned him loose, he immediately rolled and became a muddy pony.  When he got up, he cantered about the arena madly by himself.  I wasn't sure if this was due to the pain masking effects of the butte or to a recovery so I didn't let him run around too much.

The abcess never broke as far as I can tell.  Looking back, I believe the problem was gravel stuck under the frog which the farrier did not trim correctly.  I have since changed farriers.

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