Friday, July 22, 2016

Lyngshest horse herding sheep in Mountains of Norway

This is a Lyngshest horse from Norway, a close relation to the Icelandic. Here Peter, Neisti, and Tinka the border collie are herding sheep in the mountains of Norway. Tinka works independently at such far distances. And I swear by Neisti's ears that horse is looking for sheep also. On steeper parts of the trail, I had my eyes closed.

I wonder what types of obstacles this would require in a Working Equitation class and how the longer legged horses would do. ;-) Check out the trail maps at the beginning of the video showing the rough, steep, terrain that had to be negotiated.


  1. Totally insane landscape. Couldn't do this without the border collie and the very sturdy horse! Interesting that he's using a western saddle. I think I see the reason they bred white sheep here... only way you can find them. OK I'm just holycrapping at some of these trails...

  2. Yes, I noticed how impossible the task was without the dog. And your expression a "holycrapping" trail is perfect. Horse and rider have to be a perfect team.