Monday, November 18, 2013

Blessi and His Visitors

Saturday was a day of visitors at the stable.  Half of the Bad Cowgirls, Lora and Gretchen, came to see Blessi at his, new to them, digs.  As you can see by the photo, he was delighted to have his old friends bring him carrots and hugs.

Blessi says, "But you promised me carrots!!!!"

Blessi has always loved donkeys ever since he was stabled next to them at a Mane Event Horse expo several years ago.  Herman the stable owner is breaking the neighbors' mini donkeys to pull carts.  As the mini donkeys, owners, and Herman paraded around the arena, Blessi and I joined them.  The mini donkeys seemed to like the company.  Except Blessi was not allowed to get one step in front of the jenny or she would crash to a complete stop until he assumed his proper place which was several steps behind her.

Blessi enjoyed both his human and equid visitors this day.

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