Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tolt--A Documentary

Leslie Elliot created the following documentary about the Icelandic horse.  The magnificent scenery only enhances the charming personalities of the horses themselves.  I have included a direct link so you can view the video on a larger screen.  As one Icelandic breeder and tour guides states, "You need a horse that you can trust.  Here in Iceland we are working with our horses.  You bring the sheep into the highlands.  And often we have to bring them down.  And we do that with the horses.  And sometimes you have really bad weather conditions.  But you need to trust your horse in every situtation.  You cannoth think about 'Oh is my horse going very well or anything.'  You just have to work.  And I think that makes a big difference.  In that caseThe horse is your working mate and your friend.  You can just completely trust them."

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