Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mounted Archery Arrives in Iceland

Pettra Engeländer from Germany is in Iceland giving mounted archery lessons.  

"Pettra Engeländer is looking back on a long career in horseback archery. The former dancer had been dwelling with nomads in Mongolia, and later, related to a practical research project, with a group of horses in a mongolian tent. She has been an internationally successful horseback archer, who withdrew from active sports while studying asian martial arts with masters. Today the deep mental connection and energy flow between horse and rider, enabling the rider to shoot an arrow, is of more importance to her." 

Pettra uses her background in martial arts to teach a way of relating to the horse using horse aikido, creating a bond of oneness with the horse and guiding it with seat and legs rather than reins.

So it looks like Blessi and I are ahead of the training fashion in Iceland since we have been experimenting with mounted archery for two years.  Of course, to be honest I ride Blessi at a walk and shoot a toy bow with arrows armed with suction cups.  ;-)

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