Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail

Those Icelandic horses are tough!  Shelby one of the stable workers said there was a big hail storm at the
This photo is from Wikipedia since I don't
have photos from the actual storm.
ranch last week that covered the ground with hailstones.  There was neither rain nor hail where I live.  Typical Pacific Northwest weather--if you don't like it drive 10 miles and it will change.

Shelby said all the workers were running to the pastures to get the horses to the barn because they were freaking at getting hit by the large size hail stones---except for Blessi who was raised in Iceland.  As she was leading him in, he wasn't at all concerned with getting hit by the hail stones.  He kept stopping to grab some last minute bites of grass.    Shelby said it hurt a lot to be hit by the hail.  What's a little hail to an Icelandic.
Blessi to whom almost nothing is more important
than eating.

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