Saturday, May 23, 2015

Prepping Blessi for a Video Shoot--Phase 1

Alyssa from the stable sent me this video and suggested that we re-create it with Blessi.  I can't embed the video so you need to click on the link to view it.  Remember those videos of people hiding under the table and providing the arms and hands to feed the dogs dressed as people, well this is a re-creation using a well-behaved pony.

I decided to prep Blessi by chunking down the behavior to set him up for success.  

First step, find a cereal that Blessi likes.  At Trader Joes last night, I was trying to decide on a cereal.  A young guy starts a conversation about what cereal he likes.  I explained that I was selecting a cereal for my pony for a photo shoot. Of course he was too polite to say anything but he gave me such a look like "I've heard of crazy cat ladies, but crazy pony ladies????"   I selected cranberry almond granola.

Second step, determine which bowl and spoon are best suited for feeding a pony. 

Third  step, take paraphernalia to stable.

Fourth step, set up card table in arena.  Blessi could not wait for me to get it set up so he could try tonudge it over.  When that did not earn a treat he lost interest.

Fifth step.  Bring in bowl of cereal and spoon.  Cereal passes the Blessi taste test.   Blessi was willing to eat off the spoon but thought the bowl was way too small for his nose to fit into it.  He does not have an Arabian tea-cup nose.  Note to self--find a wider, shallower bowl.

Sixth step.  Blessi laps up all scattered cereal on table.

Seventh step.  Amy joins us and sits  on ground.  Blessi is fine eating over her shoulder.

Eighth step:  Blessi cleans up every gram of granola.

Ninth step.  I move everything outside the arena.  I put the slimed bowl and spoon on a stool outside the arena.  While I am cleaning up, Blessi picks up spoon, realizes there is no food on it, and flings it.  Then he picks up the bowl but its edge and stands there like Oliver Twist saying, "More sir, please."  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of this.

Now I need to find a hoodie that fits him.

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