Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Free Pony for Every American--One of the Stranger Campaign Pledges

In the state of New Hampshire, you only need to pay a $1000 filing fee to run in the presidential primary for that state.  In 2012, 14 Democrats and 30 Republicans are running.  One of the candidates,Vermin Supreme is a performance artist, anarchist, and satirist.  He is known for wearing a boot shaped hat and carrying a tooth brush.  His political platform includes strong teeth for a strong America, flying monkey awareness program, time travel research funding,  and zombie apocalypse preparedness.

Vermin also promises a free pony for every American, his only entitlement program.  This program will help with job creation.  A  pony based economy will help reduce America's reliance on foreign-based oil.  And there will be a federal pony-based identification program--all Americans must have their pony with them at all times for identification purposes.  In the video, you can hear Vermin talk about his platform.  At least this is intentional satire unlike a lot of US politics.