Monday, February 27, 2012

Saddlepad as Work of Art

This all started with some friends dragging me into a quilting store.  We all got so enthused about the beautiful quilts hanging on display--real works of art--that we urged each other to buy quilt patterns. My friend Gretchen bought the Dancing Chickens pattern.  Similarly inspired, I purchased the Cobbled Crow design, got the material, and actually made the wall hanging. 

There was quite a bit of hand-dyed batik left over--too much to throw away.  So I decided to make a coat for myself using the same design elements.

And still some of the gorgeous material remained so I decided to hand quilt a saddle pad for Blessi.  You can judge the results for yourself.  So far, I haven't found any venue good enough for this saddle pad but something will come along.

And if you like to sew be sure and check out Suitability patterns--patterns for both English and Western riding apparel, saddle pads, costumes, helmet covers, saddle covers, and much more.

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