Thursday, March 22, 2012

Battle of the Breeds--Riding for Speed

These past few days, Blessi and Dannelle have been participating in the All Breed Competition at the Northwest Horse Expo in Albany, OR.   I have been doing some research as to what goes into all breed competitions. You will get a kick out of the following video of Equifest in PA--a bunch of breeds competing in barrel racing. I love the Gypsy Vanner and drafts doing their best at this sport. It takes them most of the arena just to get up to speed and then they need to turn. And the QH is amazing.  And the Pasos are quite good but they want to gait.  But somebody needs to talk to the little girl on the Shetland about roughness.

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MegF said...

That's fun to watch! What about that lady riding sidesaddle. Woot!