Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Great Escape

Once again, horses prove that they are smarter than we think.  Here Bruno and friend escape.  How do horses figure this stuff out?  Once again thanks to Lora for finding this video.


loneelk said...

It is pretty amazing to see the gate fasteners that horses can figure out. Yrs. ago, I boarded a part Arab gelding who learned to pull the pins out of the gate closer, and worse, he didn't just drop them right there--sometimes he actually dropped it several feet away from the gate. So my horseshoer suggested that he could drill a hole at the end of the pin just big enough that we could insert a cotter pin, so Cowboy couldn't pull it out. Guess what--he learned to take his lips and pull the cotter pin out of the hole, then remove the big pin from the gate latch--who knew that horses were so smart!

Blessiowner said...

Yes, horses can be amazingly clever. Blessi has figured out how to unhook the gate fasteners that look like bicyle handles used for electric fences. He waits until the electricity is off and then grabs the opportunity.