Saturday, March 10, 2012

Icelandic Horse Pace Races

A traditional Icelandic horse competition is the pace race--done at the flying pace.  Races are held at 100, 150, and 250 meters.  As shown below, two riders compete against each other.  They have a certain distance to get their horses into a flying pace.   Magnus Linquist riding Thor från Kalvsvik holds the current world record time of 19.86 seconds for the 250 meter race (which is close to 30 miles per hour)--set in 2004.  At one time,  Óðinn frá Búðardal  previously held the title for the 250 pace race--bred at the same farm as Blessi (whose registered name is Veigar frá Búðardal).

Some of Blessi's half siblings have had racing success.  Safir fra Nethra-Asi II trotted in the 300 meter races.  Helga Jarlsdóttir frá Svignaskarði competed in the 100 meter pace race.  Leiftur frá Búðardal competed in 100 meter speed pace.  Sproti frá Kílhrauni competed in pace tests.

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