Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Iceland--Enchanted Scenery

In his Edda,  Snorri Sturluson borrows many verses attributed to Bragi Boddason , poet at the courts of several Swedish kings in the mid 800s.   One of the verses goes like this::

They call me Troll;
Gnawer of the Moon,
Giant of the Gale-blasts,
Curse of the rain-hall,
Companion of the Sibyl,
Nightroaming hag,
Swallower of the loaf of heaven.
            What is a Troll but that?

(And I am sorry that I forgot to note the source of this quote--and I can't find it now!!!)

Can't you see trolls and giants, Odin and Thor, valkyries and shield maidens in this video of the fantastical Icelandic landscape?  And there are lovely horses, fit for the gods.

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