Saturday, June 29, 2013

Published in Norway--Detecting Icelandic Horse Origins

Nordland horse--wikipedia
I wrote an article "Detecting the Origins of the Icelandic Horse" for the USIHC quarterly. Many people all over the globe were kind and gave me the use of some of the more exotic breeds related to the Icelandic such as Przewalski's Horse, Mongolian Horse, etc.

I had emailed the Nordland Horse breed society Rimfakse to get a photograph of one these horses and they sent a great picture that I used in the article (I don't have permission to include it here). These horses look and gait just like like Icelandics. Rimfakse liked the article so much that they asked permission to reprint the article.

You can see the feature here and read the article. Aren't the Nordland horses adorable and talented?

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