Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2014 Small Farmers Journal Auction--Part 3

This was absolutely my favorite--a courting carriage.  Don't you love the upholstered heart.  The small driver's seat
in the front folds down so that the gentleman can drive from the shared seat if needed.  Price $2800.
Since this is a high pace auction, you really do have to be careful of how you move your head and hands.  I inadvertently nodded my head and the auctioneer took it as a bid.  He was kind enough to let me out of the bidding process.  I went to the upper level of seats to find my friend Nancy.  I spotted her and smiled.  She waved at me and ended up buying harness piece covers used in the salt mines.  She kept them.
Reproduction hearse  Final bid was $5500 but there was no sale at that price.

This is a buckboard.  To qualify as a buckboard it has to be constructed like this--I think the floor needs to be on springs.
I am unsure of the finer points of vehicle identification. Price $1950.

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