Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bare Blessi

The 2014-2015 winter has been very mild here in the Pacific Northwest.  Today, March 14th, the temperature was 64 degrees F.  Unfortunately Blessi's shedding of his winter coat syncs up with daylight not temperature.  Last week, I found him dripping sweat just standing in his stall in the evening.
Blessi and Lysh

Lysh at the stable kindly gave him a hunter trim.  She is a hair stylist so her work is beautiful.  I kept telling her that his coat is unbelievably thick.  She didn't believe me until she dulled 2 shaver heads just doing a hunter trim.

I was going to label this post "Naked Blessi" but such titles tend to pull in the adult naughty viewers.  I hope I am safe with "Bare Blessi."

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