Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review of Runaway Pony by Krista Ruepp

Runaway Pony by Krista Ruepp is a charming story about a young girl named Anna who lives with her parents and grandparents on a farm on an island off the coast of Iceland.   Anna is teaching her special friend, a young Icelandic colt named Prince, to lead.  Scared by tractor pulling a load of empty milk cans, Prince takes off and refuses to let Anna catch him.  Anna's grandmother teaches Anna a lesson on how to work with horses and gain their trust.  Those of us familiar with Icelandic horses can all guess that the lesson involves apples.    The water colors of the Icelandic landscapes and horses by Ulrike Heyne are wonderfully executed.

Sigh!  I am really going to have to go on Amazon and purchase a bunch of these books for my niece MacKenzie.

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