Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Blessi's Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol molecule--Wikipedia
Recently the vet did a blood profile workup on Blessi as a general wellness check.  Believe it or not Blessi
will be 20 in 2016.  Great news!  Blessi's blood work results were all normal.

Four results were out of the typical range for horses but the vet no worries.  Of course I decided to do some research so I thought I would share them with you.

Blessi's cholesterol is low.  Frankly I didn't even know cholesterol was an important measurement for horses.  Blessi's score was 64; the normal range is 75 to 130 for horses.

High cholesterol can be an issue for horses; just like for humans.  Extremely low cholesterol can be an indicator of impaired liver function.  Interestingly, a research article published in the  1979 Journal of Equine Medicine on cholesterol level by equine breed indicated that Fjords and donkeys tended to have lower cholesterol levels than other breeds.  Icelandics and Fjords share a genetic heritage so that may be a contributing factor.

Also Blessi gets a 1/4 cup of whole oats mixed with his supplements each day (mainly to ensure he cleans up every morsel of supplement).  Studies on horses and humans have shown that eating oats can help lower cholesterol.  Of course Blessi gets such a minuscule amount that this may have no impact on his cholesterol level.

So Blessi has inspired  my New Years Resolution--lower my cholesterol in 2016.

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