Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merci and the Fly Trap

Poor Merci's tail!
I heard a really awful commotion down stairs. It sounded like a rugby team was running around and knocking things over. I ran downstairs to check out what was happening. My Burmese cat Merci was running around like a
mad thing.

I had placed a fly trap--one of those cylinder-shaped things coated with sticky stuff--in the laundry room to capture the pests. Well, I never considered that this might look like an empty paper towel holder which many cats like to kill. You know how the cat rolls the tube around and then lays on her back and claws and rips at the tube to "kill" it.

Well, Merci had decided to play with the fly trap and it stuck to her belly. Like Uncle Remus' tar baby, the more she clawed at it, the more stuck she got. And the more she ran around, the more stuff --especially dust bunnies--stuck to her. By the time I caught up with her, my beautiful sleek, short haired, brown cat looked like a long haired, cream colored, Himalayan because of all the stuck fuzzies. 

Well the danger was that Merci would attempt to clean off this mess herself and eat some of the sticky, fly-killing goo--not a good idea. So I put her in the sink and ran warm water over her. Burmese are kind of like the Icelandics of the cat world--Merci did not struggle but she uttered this occasional heart rending mew.

Water did not get the goo off so I got out the scissors. I flipped Merci on her back and proceed to clip small sections of fur, goo, and dust off her belly.  From time to time, she wiggled loose and I had to catch her and start the process all over again. Finally we were done and a damp, balding Merci retired to the closet for the day.

This was not funny at the time. I was so concerned over my distressed cat. I can see the humor now. And Merci did make a good start on the weekly dusting. She was like a very animated Rhomba or live dust-and-mop. I keep checking her every hour or so since I missed some goop.  More dust collected, and I need to trim off more hair. Her tail was mostly naked and she had bald spots on her belly. Otherwise she suffered no ill effects--except hiding for one day in the closet and refusing to let me pick her up and walk towards the bathroom for an entire week.

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