Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What an Appaloosa-Colored Icelandic Would Look Like

In Britain, somebody crossed an Appaloosa with an Icelandic (or perhaps the horses made the decision).   Icelandics come in over 40 different colors--from silver dapple to cream to dappled grays to all variations of pinto--but Appaloosa.  The closest you get to Appaloosa in an Icelandic horse is some "ink spots."  So here is what an Appalossa-colored Icelandic would look like.  I have to admit this cross is very cute and talented also.  Too bad Stripes is in England or I know a lot of people who would be tempted to buy this horse.

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Camilla Stein said...

My pony is a cross between Icelandic and Appaloosa! I am looking for ways to get the tolt back into him as I suspect it's been suppressed. Would love to stay connected.