Friday, January 11, 2013

Great Apple Bobbing Contest--Geisli and Blessi

Lori encouraging Geisli
The Cascade Icelandic Horse Club was well represented at the Northwest Horse Expo in 2012.  One of the challenges in taking horses to an event like this is keeping them interested and happy.  I usually put an apple in Blessi's water bucket and let him bob for apples---he drinks more water while he entertains himself getting the apple.  I learned early on not to put carrots in the bucket since the carrots sink to the bottom of the buck and Blessi just dumps the bucket.

Blessi taking a break for air
Both Lori and her Icelandic horse Geisli noticed that Blessi was having fun bobbing for apples so we decided to put an apple in Geisli's bucket.  He had a blast also.  So we decided to stage the Great Apple Bobbing Contest.

We led both horses into the aisle and presented them with buckets of water.  A small crowd gathered.  On the count of three,  we put apples in the water buckets.  Horse heads went down and the race was on.

Geisli was a valiant competitor.  He snorted, he blew bubbles, he grabbed the apple, and sunk it.  But Blessi's greater experience won out at the end.
Blessi attempting to splash the children

Both the audience and the horses really enjoyed the contest.  Blessi decided to add some additional entertainment value by deliberately splashing the children who stopped by to watch.   The more they laughed, the harder Blessi splashed.  Geisli wants a re-match for 2013.

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Blessiowner said...

Dear Blessi,
I bet I could beat you at apple bobbing.
Gizmo - Paso Fino, Woodside, Ca.