Monday, January 7, 2013

The Great Blessi Give Away

Blessi--ngs: Life with an Icelandic horse has been in existence for almost a year now.  So I thought I would commemorate this achievement by giving away a Blessi--not The Blessi--but a stuffed version of Blessi that I made.

So here are the rules.  Just go through the past year's postings and make a comment on one or more posts.  I will go through all the postings on the evening of January 9 and determine the "best" posting.  Criteria will be most amusing, most thought provoking, best shared story of your horse, or whatever may takes my fancy that day. 

On January 10 I will announce the winner and make arrangements to get your address to mail you the stuffed Blessi.  And, yes, I will mail overseas.  Unfortunately, I only have one stuffed Blessi to give away but it is the closest that I could come to cloning him.  ;-)

And the winner is Chris--who not being able to leave a comment due to technology issues, emailed the following comment on the Blessi apple bobbing contest:

Dear Blessi,
I bet I could beat you at apple bobbing.
Gizmo - Paso Fino, Woodside, Ca.

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