Monday, January 28, 2013

Zooey the baby horse is smarter than I (and a better jumper)

I went to get Blessi out of the pasture today. Zooey, the five month old warmblood filly who is Blessi's pasture mate, was super good about it. She was very interested in watching some riders jump their horses.

I had Blessi in the cross ties when I hear the clatter of little hooves. Zooey comes cantering into the barn and runs up to Blessi. She was so proud of herself!!! At that point, I wasn't sure how she had gotten out since I had remembered to latch the gate and the people gate still had Zooey's lead line tied between the posts. 

So I put a lead line over Zooey's neck and led her back to the pasture. She led quite nicely until I got her into the pasture and tried to shut the gate. At which point being younger and quicker (and perhaps smarter) than I, she escaped and ran back to the barn.

Somebody came over to help. She got Zooey's halter on and led her back to the pasture. We re-adjusted the lead line "fence" and started to go back to the barn. Zooey attempted to jump the lead line "fence" and almost got her feet entangled. So Zooey got to come into the barn and join the party.   Tomorrow, boards are going up over what was intended to be a people gate.

Zooey was so proud of herself for a) escaping, b) getting to join in the socialization in the barn, and c) eating dinner early. I am afraid that we have just rewarded her for escaping. ;-) She is going to be an amazing jumper. She must have cleared 2 1/2 to 3 feet from a standstill. She must also have worked the lead line down since I had it at about 4 feet when I took Blessi into the barn.

Oh I didn't ride that night  Take a look at the attached photo. I had no idea what I had done until Barbara pointed it out. No wonder I misplace things constantly!

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