Monday, August 4, 2014

Blessi Runs the Barrels for the First Time

Jessy has been teaching Blessi to neck rein.  To further advance the training, Jessy barrel raced Blessi at the local saddle club.  I have always walked the barrels with Blessi.  As for out times, let's just say that the mother leading her child on a lead line beat our times.

With Jessy,  Blessi's lowest time was 28 seconds--not nearly fast enough to win the jackpot but not bad for an 18-year old horse.
You can also see the plantation style saddle that was custom made to fit Blessi.  Unfortunately, all off-the- shelf Western saddles that I tried on Blessi were too narrow for this boulder shoulders.  His gullet measurement is 8.5 inches.

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