Thursday, August 7, 2014

Riding in Iceland in 1100 AD

Blessi and I attended a local Society for Creative Anachronism tournament.   My persona Jófriđr Mánadőttir is a woman living in Iceland around 1100 AD. I finally tried riding in my Norse woman's costume (which is historically suggestive by not historically accurate).  Because I am a klutz, I have taken off the turtle brooches with glass beads and the apron that should cover the outfit.  I am also wearing pants for modesty reason when mounting and dismounting Blessi.  Norse women, other than Breeches-Aud, did not wear pants.

Note that the tents that we are riding past are historically accurate Norse tents.  I am especially proud of Blessi.  A new obstacle was carrying two short javelins and throwing them in sequence through hoops covered in paper (see photo to left).  Blessi was probably the only horse who had no reaction to the paper tearing.

For those of you who are interested, here is a great site about Norse clothing, including some beautiful examples of hand made reproductions.  References about clothing from the sagas are included.

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