Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blessi Bling How To--Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a fun, funky decoration for your horse.  But it can get expensive buying enough extensions to to make a statement.  Here are directions for making your own.  The hair extensions that I made for Blessi cost me approximately $1.50 each.


  • Snap clips available from beauty supply stores
  • Thin sewing needle (needs to fit through holes in snap clip)
  • Thick quilting or button thread
  • Extension hair usually available in toy section of dollar stores
  • Scissors


Merci is planning her attack!
If necessary, disassemble the hair extension that you bought at the dollar store.


  1. Cut the width of the hair extension to fit the length of the snap clip.  For horses with exceptionally thick mane like Icelandics, you may want to double the width of the hair extension used.

    Tip 1:When working with long, dangling, shiny things, keep your eye on the cat.  A few minutes after this picture was taken, Merci the cat snatched the hair out of my hand and took off with it.
  2. Using quilting or button thread. sew the hair extension to the snap clip using the holes across the top of the snap clip.  Be sure to sew the hair extension to the outside of the snap clip.
    Sew the hair extension to the snap clip.


    Tip 2:You may need to wax the end of the thread by rubbing it over a wax candle.  You will then be able to more easily get the thicker thread through the eye of the needle.
  3. You may need to trim the sides of the extension to give the bottom of the extension a more natural look.
  4. Model hair extensions on your horse.

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