Friday, January 20, 2012

Þorrablót Poem

Þorrablót is a traditional Icelandic get together held in January or February.  Country style food such as wind-dried fish, rotten shark, ram testicles, blubber, seal flippers, and sheep head  may be served.  (I am not kidding about this--check with your Icelandic friends). And rye bread, lamb, wonderful deserts, and other food are included.  Per Wikipedia, "the Þorrablót is an evening with dinner where participants hold speeches and recite poems, originally to honour the Norse god Thor, after whom the month is presumed to be named."

So in honor of  Þorrablót, here is a poem titled Thor (author unknown):

Photo from Wikipedia
The tunder god went for a ride
Upon his favourite filly
I'm thor! he cried
And his horse replied,
You forgot your thaddle thilly.

Check back tomorrow for a real Icelandic poem set to music and accompanied by wonderful scenes of Iceland and people in traditional costume.


SadFalada said...

Love your poem! I hope you don't mind I sent it to my horse-loving friend-she is VERY into Vikings! Another one of Danish-Swedish ancestry, I'll direct her to your blog! More poems, please!

Blessiowner said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see if I can find some more Viking horse poems this week. ;-) And no problem forwarding to your friend. I just wish I could credit the author.