Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Talking a Blue Streak over Hair Extensions

Well, you wouldn't think that an Icelandic would need hair extensions.  Truthfully, Blessi has below average length of mane for an Icelandic--if you can believe it.  For Christmas, my friend Deb decided all the Bad Cowgirls' horses needed hair extensions.  So Blessi got a bright blue extension.  Here are pictures.  As you can see, he ended up talking a blue streak about it.   We'll definitely sport this equine accouterment during the next play date--it gives Blessi  that punk rock look.   The question is what is the best place to wear it?  Many thanks to Lora for the title to this posting.

I put the blue hair extension on Blessi when Joe the farrier came to shoe Blessi. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for Joe to notice the extension in Blessi's mane. Finally, I had to point it out. Joe thought it looked great. We both laughed--just like a guy to never notice any difference in hair styles even if it is a horse.

Here is a link to a source for equine hair extensions.

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