Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Benedikt Líndal -- Training Icelandic horses

Benedikt Líndal is a master trainer of Icelandic horses.  He has created a series of videos on Youtube introducing his training--a combination of classical dressage, natural horsemanship, and traditional Icelandic methods.  You will also note some techniques relatively unique to Iceland--training in and around a round pen placed within an arena and training "in the nature."  One of the treats of this video is the quality of the horses and the range of color of the Icelandics shown.

The video is not narrated until the vary end when Lindal concludes "Finally let's remember one thing.  When the horse was born, he knew how to walk, trot, and dance around in tolt, and to pace.  He also knew how to back up and turn around in all directions.  We are not teaching him anything.  He knows it all.  What we are doing is to ask him to do those things with us.  And that is called harmony. "

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MegF said...

Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about his Youtube channel. Hope he puts up more videos.