Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chevy Chase and his Icelandic Horses

Some of us are fans of the work of Chevy Chase from the early years of Saturday Night Live. 
Gerald Ford, former President of the US, sharing a moment with
Chevy Chase who was know for his imitation of President Ford
on SNL.  Photo from Wikipedia.
Others watched him in  the National Lampoon Vacation movies.  And recently, Chevy is experiencing great success in the TV series Community.  But who know that Chevy is a fan of the Icelandic horse?

Chevy Chase and his family own two Icelandic hores.  "Chase says, 'We have two Icelandic horses whose names are not pronounceable, so we call them Bob and Candy. A close friend’s cousin, who is Icelandic, had them brought in from Iceland especially for us. Bob and Candy are a bit smaller than non-­Icelandic horses. I look very funny sitting on them; I’m just under 6’4″, so my feet hang down to their knees. While riding him bareback, Bob has thrown me a few times, ­but since I’m long and he’s short, it’s more like just rolling over in the grass.'"

Chevy admits that his wife and daughters do most of the riding while he functions as "valet, chauffeur and stable hand." 

You can  see a picture of Chavy handgrazing one of his horses at this source:

Quote source:
People We Know, Horses They Love. [Emmaus, Pennsylvania]: Rodale, 2004.

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