Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Horse Project--Portland OR

Photo by Maureen Lunn
Flckr Creative Commons
If you have ever watched Portlandia, the TV show, you know that residents of Portland OR have their own unique perspective on life.  Many of Portland's sidewalks have horse rings that were originally used to tie up horses.  Scott Wayne Indiana is credited with originating The Horse Project in which whimsical, tiny horse models (or other creatures) are tied to these rings. 

The following link provides more information.


Photo by vj_pdx Flckr Creative Commons 
The project has really captured the imagination of residents and visitors as you can see by the pictures.  Some of these photos are breathtaking in their artistic staging--others are cute snapshots.  Either way, I adore these petite ponies prancing around Portland. 

Contributors to this project have even posted poems about their favorite equines. 

"There is a horse on 11th avenue
who is roped to a hitching post
as if in Tombstone, not Portland.
He's built straight like a bridge; at times,
topples, yet always finds his feet,
never throws his sense of humor."

The rest of the poem can be found here: 

I love this project--except for the horse "rustlers" who steal an occassional pony from time to time.

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