Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Moments

Everthing is totally 100% perfect.
Peter Hoeg profoundly inspired me in the following passage from his recent novel  The Elephant Keepers' Children:

"Before I start, I'm going to ask you something.  I'm going to ask if you can recall a moment of your life at which you were happy.  Not just in a good mood.  Not just content.  But so happy that everything was totally one hundred percent perfect."

I challenged myself to think of three times in my life that I was happy.  I did not limit myself to the happiest events in my life since I did not want to get bogged down in a internal debate over degrees of happiness.  My goal was just to visualize three happy moments that immediately popped into my head.  Do you know what?  Two out  of three moments involved horses.  Blessi really brings that kind of joy into my life. 

As I was involved in this exercise, I was flooded with remembrances of small happy moments in life.  I keep challenging myself to string together those happy moments and not dwell on the small dissatisfactions in life.

When you think of happy moments in your life, what do you visualize?

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