Friday, October 18, 2013

Velcro Blessi

Sometimes animals are called "velcro pets" because they are clingy and want to be close constantly to their owners.  Blessi brings new meaning to phrase "velcro" horse. 

Amy was petting Blessi today when he spied the velcro on her glove and proceeded to zip and unzip the velcro.  He has never had an opportunity to practice with velcro but he definitely knew how the procedure went.  Blessi constantly astonishes us with what he notices about the world and how it works. 

By the time I got my camera, he was a bit bored with the whole process and never repeated the behavior as precisely as he did the first time.   The video below shows what he was attempting--why I don't know.

I still dispute the scientific studies that say a horse cannot learn by observation--they have never tested Blessi. 

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